Getting crafty.

Hey friends.

This afternoon we’re going to poke our heads around a new corner, and embark on an adventure down a different street. You may have noticed that the tagline at the top of the page says “adventures in gardening, cooking and craft”. It’s hardly a secret that numbers one and three in that trio are pretty heavily overlooked, though in actual fact, they feature quite prominently in my day-to-day happenings. I spend many days in the garden, tending to herbs and vegetables for the kitchen and for sale at the local farmers’ market. Most other times are spent cooking or baking, or surrounded by calico, glue, and paper-making equipment.

Earlier in the year, I came up with this little plan to make things from recycled, found and foraged materials, and create an online store where they could sit, and hopefully find a home. Over six months later, I have finally taken some mug shots and escorted them to Made It – an online market for goods handmade in Australia (similar to etsy). Let me introduce you to twig & stitch.

At this stage, there are only three items, looking a bit lonely. But I’m hoping that making twig & stitch known will provide me with some motivation to pursue the crafties and get creative.

Have a look if you like, and enjoy your evening :)