I found myself in the garden this morning, planting out some salad greens and pumpkins. This was more a necessity than anything, as I had just observed the pot-bound mizuna struggling to stay alive. Sometimes a wilted seedling is all it takes to get something done. I might just add that I was still wearing my pyjamas at this time, but I digress.

Much to my surprise, each garden bed was filled with these tiny mushrooms, sprouting from the compost. They looked so pretty, glinting in the morning light, so I rushed back inside to get the camera. My inner nerd instantly wanted to identify them. After a quick Google search, I found myself on RogersMushrooms, trawling through photos of fungi. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately??), I have better things to do with my day than figure which species I have growing between the lettuces. Just for the record though,  I’m pretty sure they’re in the Mycena genus.

Anyway, here’s a wee gallery of unspecified mushrooms taken from lots of different angles.