Kitchen cupboard baking in Paris

Hello! Long time no see!

True, I have left harvest and yarn a bit abandoned recently (but not forgotten). I’ve been travelling in Europe for the past couple of months, and honestly, who wants to write about food when you could be out in the world eating it?

I did have some wonderful food experiences though, especially in Slovenia (of all places), which is hardly a vegetarian’s paradise as grilled meat is the order of the day. I made a point of trying dishes and baked goodies unique to the countries I visited, even if it meant being a bit flexible with my principles at times. Experiencing the local culture while travelling is very important to me, so if that means eating deep fried cheese in a Slovenian gostilna (pub), then so be it.

However that’s not really the purpose of this post. A few days into my travels, I met up with my family in Paris, where we stayed for nearly a week in a gorgeous little apartment in the Marais. Despite being in the home of patisserie, I had an itch to bake something, so seized my moment one morning while waiting for my family to get ready to go out. As we were only there for a short time, the cupboard and fridge were not very well stocked. A few previous renters had left some supplies, though not much more than a packet of salt and a bottle of Pastis. Determined not to be beaten, I went down the road and bought an apple. You can’t go wrong with apple.

I hurried back to the apartment and preheated the oven with a very vague idea. Here is what happened. I found the following items in the cupboard:
corn flakes
a lump of sugar
and my apple
I then proceeded to crush some cornflakes and some ryvita in a bowl with the back of a spoon, in place of a mortar and pestle. Don’t try this. I made a huge mess.
I mixed in some mashed banana to make something resembling biscuit dough, then formed it into rounds and baked them until they were a bit crispy.
I thinly sliced the apple and cooked it with the lump of sugar and some water, then arranged the pieces on the banana-cornflake biscuits.

And there you have it! Sweet apple things!

I was rather pleased at the simple snacks I’d made from almost nothing, and that they were vegan and gluten free (if you leave out the ryvita, which was probably unnecessary anyway).

This was the only time I attempted baking while away, but I gathered so many ideas that I am waiting to test, so the blog will start partying again very soon.

Until then, adios!


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