When all else fails, make brownies.

During the week, I received a lovely parcel in the mail from my friend interstate. Despite having met her in person only once, I kind of feel like she knows me too well. It’s cool. This parcel contained (among other things) a recipe. Today I baked it, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m going to get a bit philosophical here, but it’s necessary.

Life doesn’t go to plan. That much is pretty obvious. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it is just too awful for words. In these not-so-great moments, even the tiniest of gestures can make a world of difference, or at least make things a little more bearable. In fact, small gestures are great any time.

Receiving mail from friends is one of those things that can instantly lift your spirits a few hundred notches, which is fantastic no matter how good/bad you’re feeling. Brownies are also one of those things. Luckily, the recipe I received was for brownies. Too perfect.

So to bring it all together here, I shall let you in on the story of my life… (not quite). Today kind of determined my success/failure in regards to this semester of my uni degree. After weeks of struggling to get anything done, today was nothing out of the ordinary. Another deadline came and went, and I found myself realising that although there was still hope for saving the semester, it probably wouldn’t happen. Definitely not the end of the world, but a defining moment in the life of a student nonetheless. So what else can one do in such a situation, but make brownies?

If baking could be dedicated to people, as songs or novels are; this batch of brownies would be dedicated to my friend; the spirit-lifter and provider of delicious recipes.
(Yes, I realise you can’t dedicate food to people, but I make the rules on this blog, so…)

Here is a photo of the glorious wonder that is a giant, as yet unsliced ginger pumpkin brownie, and below: the finished product. (You’re right, they are tasty.)

**You can now find the recipe for ginger pumpkin brownies here.


6 thoughts on “When all else fails, make brownies.

  1. I think I may need to adopt this as my new life philosophy…”When all else fails, make brownies!” And it means so much more than the literal too. I take it to mean making the best of every siutation or when you feel like life is out of control, do something you are in control of or know you can do well. This recipe sounds delicious!

  2. They look amazing! Baking is always good for the soul. Another of my favourites are spiced pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing – but I’ll wait a while before sending you that one :) I’ll see if I can find something vegan and delicious.
    Life is crazy, but I think the ‘stuff’ matters less and who we are & how we live in spite of everything are far more important. You have a whole lifetime to finish university, if that’s even what you decide you want to do. Enjoy what you’ve got right now. That just happens to be delicious brownies.

  3. Holy god, ginger pumpkin brownies.

    At the moment I can definitely relate to success/failure and uni! The other day I decided to leave a subject behind and salvage my other two. It’s not so much about failing, it’s about fostering success elsewhere, where we have the capacity to… I’m happy about this. I’ve learnt a lot this semester – about how much I can actually fit into a day!

    Let’s skype catch-up soon and talk about all the wonderful things one can do in a kitchen with a pumpkin!

    • Sounds great!
      In the next two weeks, as I am ditching university in favour of a trip around Australia :)
      What you’ve said is so true. I’m coming to realise that it’s only a failure if we perceive it to be so. Right now, there are other things that make me feel happy and fulfilled, so why not pursue those things?

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