Hey there,

I’m Georgia. I’m new to this. I’m unsure what I’m doing, but I’m sure it will all fall into place in good time.

I plan to write about my experiences in my garden, kitchen, and living room. This means adventures with growing and preparing food, as well as creating crafty objects, sometimes with homegrown or foraged fibres and dyes.

I hope to share ideas, recipes, patterns and tips as I learn them. What better way to learn than through experience?

Happy days!



4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Hi Georgia
    I just love your philosophy . I can hardly write because my glasses are foggy .
    At 61 i can see your dilemma .
    Your words are wisdom unseen often and or ignored because of the chronology of the young ( ?)
    Sadly men often see themselves as Mt Fix -uts . I cannot do that for your dilemma.
    I am a terrible person and i would encourage you to bake until your hands have blisters!
    To read about your passion is a joy!
    Such passion and determination / experimentation/ cie/la vie / is lost on many young folk today ( and yesterday ) as they succumb to the economic question.
    Cleary this has to be adressed as it is fundamental in finding integrity and fullfillment and satisfaction and well being as we all fit into whatever part of contemporary human life we choose .
    Lovingly you are your own participant and you set your own standards and rules.
    This is the educated person.
    Dump the uni .
    It is rubbish .
    I speak with some qualification experience and knowledge of the big scam called uni
    The middle classes love the idea of a ticket and a simple life
    Bakers cream these people everytime they need a pie hehehehahahaha…………. build your own food castle using the ingriedients from the heavens and the earth and follow your heart
    You have the smarts I adore you ! You came from the right mould !

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